Senior UX designer

We're looking for a senior ux designer.

Your Missions

In collaboration with our UX Designers and all the departments of the company (Visual Design, Project Management, Account Management, Development), you’ll be in charge of the projects' strategic definition phase, and more precisely:

  • Identifying and rephrasing the stakes and key issues (business goals, stakeholders interviews, documentation analysis)
  • Leading the user research (interview, questionnaire, observation)
  • Identifying opportunities and accompanying the client to define the scope and goals (user value, ROI, KPIs...)

You also work on all the design stages:

  • Designing the target experience and identifying the key journeys (storyboards, workflows, flow charts, backlog, etc.)
  • Information architecture (Card sorting workshops, concept model, site map...)
  • Interaction design (behaviors, design patterns)
  • Interface design (sketches, wireframes), in collaboration with the visual designers
  • Writing functional specifications, in collaboration with the technical teams.

All along the project, you organize and lead the multidisciplinary creative workshops (co-design, client workshops), and the user tests at all stages of the iterative process (paper and clickable prototypes, visual models, etc). You're responsible for the clients' deliverables.

Required skills

  • You master the UX methodologies (user research, variance analysis, testing methodologies...)
  • You have good capacity for formalization and synthesis, for high level deliverables quality
  • You are at ease working in multidisciplinary team
  • You have an excellent oral and written communication
  • You're at ease with and like customer relationship management (meetings, presentations)
  • You understand brand stakes
  • You master written and oral english (another language is a plus)
  • You master designing tools such as Omnigraffle or Visio, InDesign,...
  • You know Agile and/or Lean methodologies
  • You have knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Graduated from design school or specialized college, you have a 4-to-5-year experience as UX designer. You've worked on various themes and devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, connected device, etc.), and at all projects stages (pre-sale, strategy, design, tests, validation). You can choose the methodology suited to every project and evaluate the time needed to do it.

You can go from a global and synthetic vision to the design of the interface smallest items. You ally creativity with reasoning and balancing skills. Passionate about new technologies, you know well the ergonomics and design principles.Autonomous and with a good listening and empathy ability, you are known for your proactivity and ability to adapt quickly.

To apply, send us your CV and portfolio to < job-ux at af83 dot com >.